What’s in the name “The Help Meet Homemaker”?


The internet defines a ‘help meet’ as a helpful companion or partner, especially one’s husband or wife.

Why yes! Yes I am! Ya see, God has blessed me with a servant heart at an early age. I have always loved service projects and helping others throughout the years. But I never imagined serving my husband his food while he sits in his recliner. Go ahead and get your giggles out over that one. 😜 Yes… I’m talking food, drink, napkin, utensils and condiments when needed. It sounds totally crazy right?? But it’s not so crazy to me. I actually enjoy it! And when he goes to lunch instead of coming home (he works 10 mins from the house so it is more economical this way), I truly miss “serving” him. Don’t get me wrong!! There are way more important roles in serving than taking your man a plate! But the key is doing it with a happy heart. Scratch that.. A GRATEFUL heart. So am I HELPFUL companion? Without a doubt! You may still be scratching your head and I don’t blame you! It’s probably not a term you’ve ever heard. Nor is my example the most helpful although it’s humorous and true! Haha!

So I found this awesome blog during my quest for the perfect blog name, it’s called Women In The Scriptures. She talks about being his “mirror opposite”. Everything that he isn’t, I am! He weaknesses are my strengths and vice versa. You have to go check it out and understand the true meaning of the term “Help Meet”. I promise you wont be disappointed!!

I am certain that this post will cause some controversy. I mean who really wants to be a servant to theirs husbands?? Aren’t we equals in the 21st century?? And I am ok with the ruffled feathers because I will explain my stance in the next post. I hope you will join me!!



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