The Modern Day Help Meet


In today’s modern world, it typically takes both husband and wife working to pay the bills. Some families do it because they want to and some do it because they have to. There is no right or wrong in this. My infamous words, “to each their own!” The only thing I can do and my soul purpose for having this blog even, is to share why I do what I do. You may not agree but I do hope that you will open your mind and your heart and listen earnestly to my reasoning.

I actually quite agree with the picture above. When I found it I went “ahhhh, yes!” Whether you are/were a stay at home mom or a working mom, YOUR ROLE AT HOME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB YOU WILL EVER HAVE! Your graceful presence alone has the power to uplift your husband and to raise happy children. Me personally… I am raising my daughter to be a productive member of society. That’s my job as a mother and a wife. I saw a quote the other day about raising your children to be exactly that, a productive member of society, because other people have to live with them even when you’re job is finished. Could there be a more true statement?! For many of us, our husbands are recognizable in the workforce and in the community. The last thing I want as a spouse or a mom is to be at the grocery store and have my child acting like a brat. It makes us look bad and God forbid we see someone we know!! For one because we went to the store looking like we just rolled out of bed and two because it leaves judgement in the eyes of others. Granted it’s not our job to judge. That job belongs to the big man up stairs! But in our sinful human nature we all tend to judge even if it’s subconsciously. Oh but trust me! I’m no stranger to the kid throwing a fit in the grocery store or causing a scene for one reason or another. Been there. Done that. The difference lies in whether we tolerate it or allow it be acceptable. Not this mama! Many will attest to that. However, as I stray away from “the modern day help meet” on a tangent about parenting, let me guide my focus back to the subject.

The modern day help meet is really no different now than what God intended us for back before Christ. God made woman (Eve) from a mans (Adam) rib. That alone is exceptional in my book! Not from his feet or his head but from his rib. We are equally made to be a partner by the side of our husband. Not above or beneath him. God tells us that we are to serve and respect our husbands and do “him good not evil all the days of her life.” (Proverbs 31:12) As women we are designed to care for, nurture, and guide our husbands into their place in this life. Believe it or not it’s the whole reason we exist. Well that and to bare children to broaden the kingdom of God! We as men and women are put on this earth to share the good news about Jesus and Gods love for us! But without a help meet or a helpful companion by mans side, all purpose in life would be lost. I’m not about to get on a soapbox and rally a modern women’s movement but I do hope you understand the value and importance in our role as women. And more importantly in the lives of our husbands and children. I’m not finished yet… If I wasn’t so new to this maybe I’d consider making this part of a series. Haha! Anyway I hope you join me again and continue to grow with me into the homemaker God has designed us to be!



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