Are you a housewife or a homemaker? 

Domestic Goddess…that has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?! If only my husband would see it that way maybe wouldn’t have so many tiffs over who takes out the trash!! Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never known of a goddess to take out the trash. I’m just sayin! (Think he’ll go for it?? 😉) Believe it or not there is a big difference between a homemaker and a housewife. I found this reference that really puts it into perspective. A housewife stays home to do all these things, while a homemaker can be any woman working or not, having kids or not.

Personally I don’t take offense to the term “housewife”. But it seems so Hollywood saying it that I just can’t bring myself to do it. Lol! Being that I’m from a Podunk town in Southern Arkansas, homemaker fits me much better. Technically yes I am a housewife according to “that there picture above” (sorry it came to mind and I blurted it out…with hillbilly twang in my voice HA!) I am a housewife whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework. But “The Help Meet Housewife” just didn’t sound as pleasing. Now that I’ve said housewife about 6 times its made me realize something. I wouldn’t put it on a job application. I would tastefully put homemaker and go on to explain how I am even so much more than that. A nurse, a teacher, an account manager, a chef, a housekeeper, a taxi driver. You get the picture. Where did I get all these degrees and certificates? The big man up stairs hand wrote my name on each and every one. There have been many career choices that didn’t work out for me. Because God was telling me he had bigger and better plans for me. He knew exactly what my future would entail and the qualities I needed to perform these jobs. And so far, this seems to be the only job I have truly succeeded in and really surpassed even my own expectations! I love my life as a mommy and a wife! And I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Have you heard Gods call to serve your family and wondering how in the world you could ever make it work? God is waiting for you to trust him. He will provide beyond your wildest dreams. It’s hard to give up that need to control. I have to remind myself every day sometimes multiple times a day. I pray, “God I need you. I’m trying to do everything on my own again and I can’t do anything without you! Please help me see that no request is too big or too small. I am just a measly little human trying to do what I know how and without you God, all my efforts will not get me to where you can take me.” Give it to God and let it go! The other day as I’m preparing for my daughters Sofia the First Royal Tea Party Birthday, I was frantic trying to get all done before bed so all I had to do the next day was get myself ready and make the food. I fumbled, dropped, broke and spilled thing after thing. As I was cleaning up the heaping pile of spilled coffee grounds I had to stop and pray. That very moment it dawned on me that in the chaos of the previous days, I hadn’t talked to God at all. I didn’t thank him. Heck I didn’t even acknowledge him. And I made peace with God right then and there with my head bowed over the lid of the coffee pot. And by that point my head was resting on the lid I was so tired. I prayed, finished cleaning up that spill and went straight to bed without another worry. I gave it to God and let it go. That’s exactly what he wants us to do. Trust him and have faith that he will take care of our every need. He is waiting for you right now!




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