Feed His Soul


The way to a mans heart? Every woman should know by now that FOOD is the answer! And I know my man loves home cooked meals. Not just spaghetti and garlic bread. That don’t cut it! He wants fried chicken, meatloaf, and steak to name a few! I grew up with 3-5 course meals and so did he. We both may not have an extensive palette, but we both need all the fixins to satisfy those taste buds! Let me take you on a very short journey into my head and how I operate to get him fed.

I’m a foodie!!!! No doubt about it! I’m not talking seafood soup and escargot. I have no desires to travel the world and taste test. Nah I’m good! Put some fried okra, fried chicken or some fried pickles on my plate and you have unintentionally welcomed me back and to your next family gathering! My mouth is seriously watering right now I have to stop. Somebody get me a glass of sweet tea to wash it out!! 😜 Ok ok on to serious business.

There is nothing more satisfying AND gratifying than a “Thank you baby that was really good”, as he goes to get a second helping. I love food and I love to cook. If food makes me happy, it’s bound to make him too. Maybe even more so. What better way to show your spouse or loved one you love them than a home cooked meal! And don’t skimp on dessert either. Plan your timing just right and have that homemade apple pie coming out of the oven right before you put in the meatloaf. Neither of which are hard to make. Labor of love…actions speak louder than words. Whatever you have to tell yourself to get the job done. I knew what I needed to do, I just needed the right tools.

When I became a stay at home mom I knew I had to organize myself better in order to get things accomplished. Nothing like fast food your first week home because you get so busy playing that you forget to thaw something for dinner. 😳 Guilty!! So I searched and found the most perfect meal planning book. It has a shopping list to tear out and take to the store.

I ordered mine on Amazon and you can too! Find it HERE.

Not only was I organized but I was saving money buying only what I needed. Instead of shopping whatever sounded good, only to realize you don’t have half the ingredients. Story of my life. I always had cabinets full of food but nothing to make a meal. Tell me I’m not the only one! Geez!! This worked really well for a good 6 months or so, when the hubs came to me and asked me to add more options to the menu. He was tired of eating all the same stuff. Well sir, when you are as plain Jane as you are… I run out of options pretty quickly. So I had to think outside the box and find new options. (Yes I still use my meal planner to this day too.)

Which leads me to my next post. That’ll be up tomorrow for your reading pleasure. What?!?! If I give you all my secrets, you wouldn’t have a reason to come back! Seriously though, go get one of these meal planning books. You will be so happy you did!



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