My first LuLaRoe!!

Let’s be honest…there is an art to taking selfies. Seeing as how I don’t have crafty bone in my body, I suck at taking selfies! Haha! It’s hard for me to come to terms with sharing these kinds of pictures. But if I don’t then I’ll end up never sharing the things that I love!

This my friends is called the Randy Tee from LuLaRoe by Kelley Chandler. And love is an understatement! Not only does this shirt fit snugly where it needs to but it also flows away at just the right spots. It’s extremely comfortable and buttery soft! The cool part is that these shirts dress up really nice too!

By now I’m sure most if not all of you have heard of LuLaRoe clothing. And if not, you have been missing out just like I have!! A girlfriend of mine, Kelley, has recently become a LuLaRoe consultant and introduced me to the coolest clothing items I have ever seen! Not only do they have the most unique prints and patterns, but majority of pieces can be worn multiple ways! Find her on Facebook and get in on the action! Don’t forget to tell her I sent you!! 😁

I’m so excited to fill my closet with LuLaRoe by Kelley Chandler. It has been a very busy last month and I haven’t taken the time to take pictures of the new pieces I recently accumulated. We are currently heading out of town to go camping but when we get back I will be sharing pictures for y’all to see! Have a great weekend! And please don’t hesitate to leave me comments. I don’t bite I promise! 😉




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