Here’s What’s Up!


Happy Saturday! Today I had my hubby wake me up before he left for work so that I could get a jumpstart on the day while our daughter is at grandmas house for a sleepover. I literally cannot stop thinking about this blog and how to reach y’all. So I’ve done a little blog planning. I have come up with a schedule to keep me on track and to let you know what days a topic you might be interested in will be up on the blog. Here is my weekly topic schedule.

Monday- Taking care of me (Kind of a health and wellness journey)

Tuesday- Tips on being Frugal

Wednesday- What’s Cookin’

Thursday- Family Matters (parenting, SAHM stuff, Home preschool, etc..)

Friday- Style and Fashion

In case you missed my post about Raising a Pistol, I had mentioned that I started another blog a few years ago. But I didn’t have the courage to keep it going. My mindset was ‘who would want to read what measly little ol me wants to write about?’ No sympathy needed here though. The truth is, I LOVE TO WRITE! Something about putting my thoughts down on paper is so invigorating! I’m a social person with a crying problem. LOL! Any time I talk about a subject that I’m passionate about I tend to cry. It’s the weirdest thing! So when I write about it, usually in the forms of text messages to loved ones 😉, I can complete my thoughts and say what I think or feel without seeing their facial expressions too. That’s another kicker for me. When I see someones facial expressions as I talk, I start to shut down. Thinking maybe they are judging me. Maybe I’m boring them. Maybe they’ve heard this already. Whatever the case may be, talking substance face to face is just plain hard for me. So I’m going to put my thoughts out here for the world to see and let y’all read them at your own leisure. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend with loved ones!




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