Home Preschool CAN Be Fun! 

In August we put “Punk” in an in-home preschool two days a week. We loved the teacher and it seemed like a perfect fit! When I picked her up that first day I asked what she learned as we walked out to the car. She said “I don’t know just a bunch of junk.” 😳 That statement right there is the sheer definition of my child. Her spunk, her thought process…everything. She is a riot! However, 4 days in she begged and pleaded not to go back. Very dramatic and long story short, she did not go back to preschool. (Nothing bad at the school by any means! We still wish she would want to go back there!) I have the honors of teaching her at home (which excites my OCD more than anyone realizes lol). She has been warned to put her sass away and not bicker with the teacher over wanting to do things her way. We’re still working on that. 😉
Today was day 2 of home preschool and it went much better than the first. We are learning to write the letter A, counting to 10, the word “the”, writing her name and basic addition. She is so smart that it’s taking some major creativity to keep her interested. And by creativity I mean Pinterest. Haha! No teaching degree or anything of the likes here! I don’t have a creative bone in my body. So I pick and choose activities that I think will strike her fancy. And so far I’m winning! Just look at my little “Punk” go!!

Do-a-Dot markers are her new favorite!

Bead counting in a numbered muffin tin. No worksheets here 😉

Rainbow writing the letter A!

Pardon the funky face! Math link cubes to learn addition!

A few investments made like the do-a-dot markers and the math link cubes. The addition flash cards were a buck from Walmart toy section. And I just LOVE the triangle crayons which are at Walmart too. The triangle shapes teaches them proper holding technique. And all the printables I use are found on Pinterest. You can follow my home school board or my preschool board.

I love watching her learn and seeing her excited about learning is just icing on the cake! Way to go baby girl!!




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