When life gives you lemons…


I’m sitting here trying to find the words to share my thoughts on how hard living in today’s modern world really is. As I am pushing the big 3-0, I admit that I don’t have a lifetime of knowledge on anything really. And I don’t ever claim to. My mentality is that I learn something new every day. The world is a different place though and times are changing. To be honest, I’m a little scared. I have never had a care in the world. I never watched the news or read a newspaper. I had no idea of the current events around the world nor did I care to. In my early 20’s I would say, “I’d just like to be Amish, living in my own little world of happiness.” And that worked for me. I was ok living in my self created naive and careless bubble. Only venturing out when something effected me personally. And then I had a kid.

Yet I still didn’t seem to have the “I have to start saving for college” and the “I have to protect my child from online predators” attitude. As a child of the late 80’s in Southern Arkansas, life was much less complicated. We left our doors unlocked and there was no fence around our yard. We roamed freely with the respected fear of a good whoopin if we crossed the line of right and wrong. That line I might add was a complete assumption on our part. We weren’t given specific instructions but knew to be within ear shot of mom or grandmaw and papaw. Common sense guided us through our days. We went inside and politely asked for food when we were hungry. Now days kids lack common sense because we as parents plan their next move. And schedule their feedings. ‘At 8am we will have breakfast, at 10 am we will have snack. Lunch at noon and another snack after nap time.’ Shoot I don’t even ask my daughter if she wants food. She tells me when she is hungry and usually chooses her own snack. Pretty simple right?!

Food is a big concern these days though and rightfully so! Nothing is made like it used to be. When Punk turned 2, we found out we were pregnant with baby #2. I was dumbfounded and in disbelief when we learned that I had miscarried. Wait! What?! I had just had a perfect pregnancy and delivered an almost 10lb baby. What could possibly be wrong with me?! After it all sank in I began to question the causes it could have been. And for the first time in all my years, the world around me never felt more worrisome.

The pollutants in the air, the chemicals in our food. We are literally being poisoned by the very things that we need to live. I pondered on these issues for a while but ultimately I knew that a baby was not in Gods plan for us at the time. As I became ok with that, the fascination of what goes into our foods disappeared and my cheapskate tendencies took over. Back to survival mode and how to get more bang for my buck. The cheaper the better, that’s my motto. But lately these posts I’m reading about grossness being found in the foods we give our kids and the videos about how foods are effecting our health, are circling in my head like a nightmare I can’t make stop.

Yesterday I read a post on Facebook written by an award winning author and speaker, Bunmi Laditan. Talking about living and parenting in today’s modern world. Her post was hysterical truth. Read it HERE. Obviously her post inspired mine today. As did the video a friend shared this morning about favorite kids snacks being linked to cancer. Ugh it’s just devastating me! And definitely something I need to pray about!

Most of the time I feel cursed as an over thinker, it’s one of my downfalls. But this time I feel like my overthinking is taking me down a path to better myself and my family. After watching the video my friend shared this morning we were commenting back and forth. And she said, “The way I look at it , we are more aware and have all of the information and resources at our fingertips. It’s what we choose to do with it that matters now.” Cody…my friend…you reminded me of the things I already knew and chose to forget. I have this information and knowledge to make better choices for my family and now I need to do something with it. Both hubby and I have said in the last week or so that we feel gross as weighed down. We don’t feel good or healthy. Our stomachs hurt, we have frequent headaches, our joints ache. I know it’s due to the toxins and poisons we are putting into our bodies. And that’s for sure not how God intended us to live. He created all the foods that we need and the water for us to drink. Then somebody got a wild hair and thought genetically modified foods would be ok for humans to consume. What part of that is ok? It makes me cringe to think about it!

So what’s a girl to do? Research, plan and shop! Because I am a mom and a wife it is my job to take care of my family especially when it comes to food and health. It’s not about me anymore. Their needs and health come before anything else. I’m not saying that my child will never eat another Cheeto or get chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. But I will try my absolute hardest to make sure that her nutrition and well being is more thoughtfully taken care of at home. I will make sure she has healthier snack options and less processed foods. I will fix her healthier home cooked foods and less packaged easiness. Life isn’t the same as it was years ago, and because of that we must learn to adapt to our surroundings. If processed food and genetically modified foods are the norm, we need to stop buying it and stop supporting their businesses. My first step will be a local farmers market. Supporting a local business or family and bettering my own!


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! When you’re given information, use it to the best of your ability! Knowledge is power! Use it!




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