Easy Potato Salad 

Have you ever been totally smitten when someone compliments your food and really means it?! Very few of us look for that attaboy or pat on the back, yet it’s the very thing that drives us as human beings! Deep down behind all our humble deeds, is that little itch that needs to be scratched! For me, reaching for that second helping or unbuttoning of the pants after a delicious meal is my kind of “attaboy”!
I love being able to share my favorite recipes with you! As I have mentioned before in a few of my posts, I’m a foodie! And I love home cooking verses frozen meals or take out. So today I am sharing with you my favorite potato salad! It’s super easy and you probably have all these ingredients in your fridge and pantry already!

Easy Potato Salad

Serves 4-10


5 jumbo russet potatoes (or your favorite kind will work too)

5 Hard boiled eggs (peeled of course)

Miracle Whip (or if you prefer mayo by all means)

Dill relish (sweet relish works just as well)

Dill pickle juice (same for sweet pickle juice)

Salt, pepper, onion powder


1)Put your washed and unpeeled potatoes in a big stock pot. Yes that’s right, wash the dirt off and the whole potato goes in. Cover the potatoes in water and boil with lid. I’m not even going to estimate a time just keep checking them to see if they are done. Do this by sticking a fork through them. If the fork sticks and/or the potatoes are still hard, continue boiling. If the fork pulls out with ease and they are soft, then they are done.

2)While the potatoes are cooking, you need to get your eggs boiled too.
3)Because the skin is still on the potatoes, use a kitchen towel to pick them up and hold them. Use a butter knife to pull the skin off. (That sounds so creepy if we weren’t talking about food haha!) Place your peeled potatoes into a large boil for mixing up all the ingredients.

4)Use the towel for the eggs too, they will be hot. Peeling them while hot makes it so much easier. Slice up your eggs and put with potatoes in your large bowl.

5)Use a knife to cut up major chunks of potato. You want in semi chunky not mushy.

6)Salt and pepper your mix. And add onion powder now too.

7)Now it time for pickle juice. Just a splash or two.

8)Add relish and a big dollop of miracle whip. You want it to be creamy not dry. But you don’t want wet mush either. So use your judgement and add your miracle whip sporadically. Stir a little and add more if needed.

9)Chill it in the fridge before serving. A good couple of hours would be best. I know I’m not a fan of warm potato salad. The flavor sets in more over night, so if you are taking this to a shindig try to make it the day before. (Your fridge will smell of eggs every time you open it. But it will be so worth it!)

My family and friends love this recipe and ask for it at almost every function. It’s super easy to make and tastes amazing!! Feel free to share this recipe too! Enjoy!




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