10 Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Men are picky, ’nuff said. And they are super difficult to shop for! While many men graciously accept any gift given to them, there are still a select few that always have something to say, borderline ungrateful. Things like, “That’s so awesome; I’d love to see if it comes in another color”, “I don’t know what I’ll do with a trifold wallet but I will make it work”, and my favorite, “Oh nice, where did you find that?”.

After 12 years living with a man in this “select few” category… I’ve pretty much nailed down this gift giving thing. (I’m just teasing, he is always grateful!) How do I do that? Simple…listen when he is talking to his friends. I find a way to inject myself into conversations. “Where are you going to get the money to buy that?” “Put that on a your needs/wants list.” Things like that. Then I store those said items in my memory bank and contact his buddy later for the details. Works every time!

Here are a few items that will suit just about every man in your life and within your budget! 

1. Badlands Binocular Harness

So I ordered this for the hubs this year. I went back and forth between two others just like this. Comfortable straps, 4 clips harnessed/cinched at their chest, even has a place for a drink. To me seems like the best deal all the way around! I’m so excited!

2. Cody James Bi fold Wallet

I buy my hubby one of these every other year from Boot Barn. The leather is pliable and is super comfortable to wear in the back pocket. At least that’s what he tells me 😉


3. Stanley 3-N-1 Tripod Flashlight

This gadget has come in handy more times than I can count. When working, men always need another set of hands to hold the light while they do something. It’s a win win!


4. Dollar Shave Club

Hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made! Way cheaper than store bought razor blades, delivered to your door monthly and great quality! We love ours!


5. Ozark Trail Insulated Tumbler

There is no reason to spend $30-60 on a cup. That just seems insane to me. You are paying for the brand, and as well as these tumblers work from Walmart, we are certain they must be made by the same factory and dispersed to different companies. HaHa! We have both sizes and they keep drinks hot/cold from 3-10 hours. Seriously!


6. Leatherman

Pretty self explanatory. Multipurpose/Multi-tool… Every man should have one of these.









7. Eight Eyewear Sunglasses

Eight Eyewear Sunglasses is a must for any man in your life! My husband has them, his brother recommended them, and then we bought my brother a pair. These things are amazing and I’m not just saying that! Check out this video on youtube that demonstrates why they are so amazing!


8. Outdoor Life Men’s Canvas Shirt Jacket

I love seeing my hubby in this jacket. For the casual man that he is, this is his idea of dressing up in winter months. And it looks great on him!

9. Duluth Trading Longtail Shirt

Plumbers crack is an issue no more! Short sleeve or long sleeve you cannot go wrong with these awesome longtail shirts.

10. Weber Q Propane Gas Grill

I can’t say enough good things about this grill! Got it for the hubs for Father’s Day and we all love it! No more burned meat or shifting meat to avoid the flames. It cooks so evenly and is super easy to clean!



Happy Shopping!




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