A Healthier Me

I am about to embark on a tortuous weight loss journey. Last week my parents came to town for a week long visit. We were in the backyard playing with the girls and my sister decided to take a picture of her baby girl on the swing, which I was pushing. She warned me that she was going to take the picture because she knows how I feel about being in them. Although I felt a little fluffy that day, I sucked in as much as I could and told her to go ahead. I had NO IDEA that I was going to look as wretched as I did.


Of course we are all our own worst critics. And this post is not to body shame or slander anyone who may be heavier than me or with similar insecurities. I am simply publicly sharing with all of you that I am severely unhappy with myself at my current weight and size. And now it’s time to do something about it!


I have started numerous diet and exercise routines over the years and then turned around to just up and quit one day, most of the time with no good reason. Sometimes I had been pained with bad back problems but majority was that I didn’t eat well or exercise one day and just gave up after that. I have tried family accountability and joined countless groups but nothing seems to impact me. I just continue closet eating and serving larger portions…because why?? Because I am addicted to food. So this journey will be incredibly hard for me. Breaking habits, admitting faults, banishing shame and guilt…


The reason I bring this up to you, is that I need your help. I am not the kind of person that looks for a pat on the back or shares a million selfies to get your attention. My hope is that I will have more accountability by posting weekly updates, meal plans, goals and victories. And that maybe my story and journey will inspire and encourage someone else. I have had lots of time to think about the direction of The Help Meet Homemaker and what I am hoping to get out of it. While many blog to make money or share passions, I feel like I want this blog to be a ministry!


I want to touch the lives of others by sharing my stories and journeys past, present and future. Whether that is by sharing recipes that help you feed your family, frugal living tips that help you save for your family, or a personal story that touches your heart and makes you want to live every day for God. I want the Holy Spirit living within me, to shine my light onto your path.


Will you take this weight loss journey with me? Maybe you aren’t the one that my message is supposed to impact. I ask that you share it with whoever is on your heart right now. Make sure they know you are coming from a place of love. If you are the one that my message is supposed to impact, how can I help you? Can we help and encourage each other? Please reach out to me! Who knows, maybe I need you more than you need me?!






2 thoughts on “A Healthier Me

    • Hannah you are not alone! I always try to go full force at first and then end up petering out after a week. I’ve learned to start small and take baby steps. Did you catch the post after this one? About the book “Made To Crave”? Not only can I not put it down but I am so inspired this go round!! It’s my first baby step!


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