The amazing Carly dress by LuLaRoe

Let me start off by saying that I/we are by no means models or a photographers! Just getting that out there as you glance at the pictures first! HaHa! I mentioned in my previous post for the Valentines Leggings Giveaway (giveaway has ended), that I have recently partnered full time with my good friend Lauren and her mom Nancy in the launch of their new LuLaRoe business!! EEEKKK I’m so excited!!

Well a couple of days ago we attempted a little photo shoot featuring the stunning patterns and prints on their racks! Although we attempted to pose like we knew what we were doing, we laughed so hard and had the most amazing time trying to get you these pictures. Like I said, we aren’t models or photographers, but we’re bound to make you smile! Or laugh…either way! 😉

Being that I am plus size, I have the hardest time finding clothing styles and prints that will look flattering on me. I search and search for example pictures but always exit google or pinterest feeling discouraged by the “skinny models” and the caption saying “available in plus size”. Well that doesn’t do me any good. I want to see what the item looks like on a girl of my stature. So it is my goal to bring you the amazing and versatile LuLaRoe, Plus Size Fashion Guide. I just made that up, but maybe it could be a thing??

Today I am going to share with you the gorgeous and super flattering Carly dress! I’m not here to be deceitful…I will tell you first off that to any eye looking at the Carly dress on the hanger, your initial thought may be to put it back. BUT DON’T!!! On the hanger it may look a little boring and just kind hang there with no shape. That’s the beauty of this dress! You make it! You make the dress!!! Dress it up or dress it down but it literally fits every single body type!


I don’t know what’s going on with my arm. I think maybe I was being poked by the tag I was trying to hide?? LOL!


Now… I threw on the only belt I own, under the bust to give a little more definition and shape. It flows away from all my problem areas and hits just above the knee. Would you believe me if I told you that this is a medium??? Say what?! That’s right! I am a size 18 pants and a XXL shirt, and I am comfortably wearing a medium in the Carly dress. I mean that right there made me feel like a million bucks! Ladies you are going to LOVE this dress! It comes in so many fun prints and colors, you will have no problem finding the one for you!

What’s the fun in this if I can’t show you the blooper reels too?! As you can see in the picture on the right, the dress is a smidge longer in the back, giving it a little bit of the high/low effect that is super trendy right now!

Check this out!! I know my goal is to bring you plus size fashion choices, but this is the beautiful face I’ve been telling you about, Lauren!  She is all of 5 foot 4 inches and the Carly dress looks amazing on her too!!


Now we’ve reached the most important part! How to get you a Carly of your very own!! I am obligated to tell you that yes, this is a sponsored post. Loving LuLaRoe with Lauren and Nancy gives me a “kickback” for bringing you to their site, as does any other blogger partnering with independent consultants. If you like what you see and enjoy reading my posts, thoughts and opinions… please head over to Facebook and join Lauren and Nancy’s group page. There you will be able to shop for a beautiful Carly dress and so much more! Don’t forget to tell them that I sent you! Happy shopping!




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