There has to be more to life than chocolate 

Somebody please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like they are occasionally on the show Punk’d?! Thinking that the things cannot really be happening. Yeah that’d be my entire last week.

At 30 years old I feel like the things that have happened this past week should not be happening yet or at all. Starting with drama over the weekend. My whole grown up life I have chosen to steer clear of drama and for some reason every now and then it still tends to find me. I’m 30 for crying out loud! I have a child and a family and I have zero time for other people’s drama. Period. So that right there sent my whole week into cyclone mode! As I’m sitting in disbelief, my husband asks me “hey do you need a cigarette?” 😂 Knowing darn well I’ve never smoked anything a day in my life! I replied “no but that bag of Valentine’s candy and bottle of Disaronno on top of the fridge looks pretty inviting!” Haha!
About that same time, my sweet Punk comes down with this nasty, wet, barking type cough and congested nose, a mild fever and an unexplainable rash on her back. We spend Sunday night through Wednesday night sleeping on the couch, up all night long as she coughs so hard she loses a whole days worth of food. Over and over and over. My poor baby!

Meanwhile I’m learning about the horrible pain my handsome hubby has been having in the whole left side of his face and ear. He decides to go to urgent care where he is told he has TMJ. I got him into a specialist that same afternoon and he was fitted for a mouth guard. Whew glad we got him taken care of! Only to turn around Wednesday morning to him in unbearable pain and bumps on his face, he goes back to urgent care. Shingles!!!! You’ve got to be kidding?! He just turned 30 a week ago Friday! This should not be happening right now! This can’t be happening right now! I’m sleep deprived, handling a sick and grumpy “fournado” and I still can’t get past this recent drama!

How’s the Healthier Me journey you ask? Well it went really well the first week. That book Made To Crave is seriously life changing! I have felt empowered and in control! I felt better internally and I was seriously looking forward to the days to come! The second week has reverted back to old ways. The chips, the candy, the leftover birthday cupcakes…you name it, I ate it! If I had a fountain soda machine in my home, it’d be game over.
Unfortunately this is how I handle stress. And this is the exact reason I am as heavy as I am. I will make no excuses for these unhealthy habits. The only thing I can do is to explain my side for what it’s worth. Some people choose cigarettes or alcohol as their choice in stress relief. Mine is chocolate. Non of which is the big man upstairs! And that’s what I LOVE about this book by Lisa Terkeurst. The empowering fact that God wants us to turn to him in our time of need, in our time of guilt, in our time of doubt. We are “Made To Crave” God in all of his miraculous presence!

If I could physically keep my eyes open this past week, I would already have this book read and onto the next! I love it so much and dear friends I NEED you to have this book too!! It will truly change your life! And it continues to give me hope in my time of stress. I don’t feel like I want to give up, like “what’s the point”. I feel like I am human and I need God every second of every day.

So here’s to a new week! Here’s to not giving up! Here’s to Gods plan for my life being bigger than a stressful week! How are you doing friends? Have you been empowered or encouraging others? I want to hear from you!



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