Why having a cleaning schedule is important when you’re a SAHM and when you’re not!

Duh, nobody LIKES a dirty house. But let’s face it. Once these cherub cheeks enter the world and our homes, it’s like we have amnesia and somehow forgotten what the word chores actually means. Oh you mean I actually have to fold and put away the laundry? What is this scrubbing the bathtub business? Isn’t baby shampoo splashing on all sides of the tub equal to a scrub down?

Yes I am aware that I only have one kid while most of you out there have two if not 3 or 4. And you’re probably wondering how dirty can MY house really be. But let me tell you… my one child who is zero-track-minded can easily destroy the house in about 10 minutes. Bless this girls heart she has no idea how to play by herself. Therefore she grabs one thing that peaks her interest (for a split second) before she drops it in her tracks and picks up the next. There is no putting anything back where it goes. That is a little bit of a far cry for any household with children I know. And mess isn’t the only problem.

Dirty is the main problem. Because she is 4 I am constantly picking up after her. Don’t get me wrong my child for sure cleans up her own messes. She isn’t always happy about that. But generally I help her enable her because frankly, sometimes it is just easier to do things myself. No you can’t help wash dishes because it’s going to take too long and I have things to do. Mmmmkkkk baby girl?!?! That’s a story for another time. That doing things by myself mentality is exactly why the “dirty” piles up.

IM TIRED!!! I’m tired of constantly picking up after someone else. And that my friends is what sends me into “mama needs a break” mode. Every few months when I am tired of talking only to a 4 year old all day, and I’m tired of all the other chores I am expected to keep up on, and I’m tired of making dinner 5-6 nights a week… I selfishly give myself a mommy break and do only the bare minimum for about a week. Sometimes two. Before jumping back in full force. 

During this mommy break I tend to do a lot of praying and a lot of soul searching. It just takes a little break down for me to remember my God given talents, my purpose and then I am once again humbled by all that God has graciously given me! And this knocks me to my knees! Literally!

In my every day life I try to be the ideal Proverbs 31 woman! So when the devil tries to keep me down for that week or two, sulking in pity, I remember that I am training to be the Proverbs 31 woman I so desire to be! I can’t sit here wallowing in idleness! There is so much to be done! And so much family time to be had. I can have more family time if I prioritize my chores and have an organized household. I CAN have the best of both worlds! And I have a pair of 4 year old little hands that will help me. She looks up to me too! It’s my job to teach her to also be a Proverbs 31 woman when she gets older. And that makes me so excited!

In the midst of one of these mommy breaks, I decided to make a chore chart to encourage myself. By taking on the mess one day at a time, I am able to keep a clean yet lived in home. There will still be piles of papers and bills. There will still be a pile of shoes by the back door. And there will always be dishes piled in the sink or possibly clean and in the dish drain. Depending on the day. 😉  

But I can easily keep up on the dirty so it doesn’t turn to filth. That would definitely not be taking care of or managing a household for Gods glory! And at the end of the day, that’s what I strive for! 

Do you have a cleaning schedule? If so, I’d like to see it! 




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