Have a friend that leads you to Christ

Nearly two years ago I reconnected with a friend from high school, Rachel! Side note: that was almost 12 years ago! Time flies when you having fun! 😉 That friend was then more of an acquaintance whom I shared a few classes with. She was the popular cheerleader and I was completely engrossed with my boyfriend (now husband) with no time for anyone or anything else. Needless to say we had nothing in common. But smiles of mutual respect were always there between us.


Fast forward 10 years when you’re Facebook friends with everyone from high school and could care less as to all the happs! Am I right?! But Rachel messaged me out of the blue. She said (loosely translated )”hey I love seeing pics of your beautiful little girl! I have a little beauty of my own, the same age. I think we should get the girls together to play and we can catch up.” Of course I said sure! But never actually took initiative to plan anything. She continued pursuing me until we finally made plans to meet at the park a few days later.
I’m pretty sure our smiles could be seen from satellites in outer space as we quickly greeted each other with the biggest, warmest, longest hug ever! I was so nervous for some reason. Wondering if we were gonna hit it off again. Wondering if she was going to judge me for the weight I’ve gained since high school. Wondering if our parenting styles would collide and prematurely planning our escape if things didn’t pan out. But that embrace settled my nerves immediately!
I can’t even tell you what topic we started with first. But one conversation led to another and to another until all of a sudden we went “I’m starving! Wanna go get lunch at McDonald’s playplace?” Our first “play date” I’m pretty sure was about 4 hours. I went home with that same gigantic smile telling my husband giddily, “I’m pretty sure I just found my new BFF!” He rolled his eyes like 🙄ok Toni! Haha!

We related on every single level! Parenting, hobbies or lack there of, we had the stay at home mom thing going for us and what took me by total surprise was our faith in God! Even in that initial rekindling we talked about everything from what God wants from us as mothers and wives, to the rapture and each other’s salvation. That day and every day we’re together since then, I leave her presence on a spiritual high!
Our conversations are more than surface deep. We of course talk family life and politics just for starters. But every single topic always leads back to Gods plan for our lives. We also have this mutual understanding that life happens. Last minute change of plans, cancellations or even hey let’s meet up right now (seeing as how we live 7 minutes away from each other.) We can go a month without talking or seeing each other and we pick right back up where we left off. It’s a beautiful thing!
This type of friendship makes me want to be a better person. To strive for my goals and look for Gods hand in everything around me. I love that each of my closest friends and I have a different relationship. It makes me feel complete in the friends circle! Each one of them brings out the best in me! Do you have a friend that encourages your walk with God? We all need that one friend who is easy to talk to about anything under the sun. And one that will point you to Christ in all of life’s ups and downs.


Rachel and I have decided to do our own little bible study on Thursdays at noon! Having that concrete meeting makes me look forward to the end of the week! Because I know my soul will be fed more than what I get from reading the Bible by myself.
The reason I mention this is because as I mentioned in a previous post, I want The Help Meet Homemaker to be a ministry! And thought I’d share this bible study with all of you! We have two different books to guide our study. Not sure which one will we will pick yet but as soon as we do I will update you!

Will you join us? Every Friday morning right here on the blog, I will share with you what we’ve learned and what we’ve talked about! I. Can’t. Wait. Eeeekkkk!!! Have a great Wednesday everyone!!




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