The Fabulous Lindsay Kimono by LuLaRoe


Everyone, meet Lindsay! Lindsay is a flowy, cover-up type of kimono. And I am absolutely in love with the pattern and sheerness of mine! Lauren had just opened the package and held it up when I muttered, “Don’t even bother putting that into inventory. I’m not leaving here without it.” LOL! Remember when I said that I/we are by no means models or photographers in my last LuLaRoe post about the amazing Carly dress?? Well those words are still valid! HaHa! We took lots of pictures that day and tried our darnedest!

“LuLaRoe’s “Lindsay” kimono, features loose, 3/4 length sleeves and a scooped “high-low” hemline that drapes and flatters. The Lindsay’s polyester, lace and chiffon    fabrics are delicate, durable and versatile. The Lindsay is airy, comfortable, beautiful and is sure to become your go-to layering piece.” The actual LuLaRoe website took my exact thoughts and put them into this perfect description! Being that I’ve got some fluffier areas I love the fact that it can cover up my imperfections. I love the high-low affect! And I love that it gives my outfit a little pizzazz!


I paired my Lindsay with a beautiful burgundy colored Irma.Which also has the high-low thing going on that I love. Who is Irma? Oh maybe you haven’t heard. All of the gorgeous styles LuLaRoe has to offer are named after family and friends of creator, DeAnne. Isn’t that so cool?!


I know, I know! How do you get a beautiful Lindsay for yourself?? Loving LuLaRoe with Lauren and Nancy has lots of different patterns and fabrics for you to choose from! Request to join their group page if you haven’t already and watch for album sells to go up. That’s where all their inventory is showcased. All you have to do is find what you want and be the first to comment “SOLD” with you email address. That’s it!

Also remember how I said that I get a “kickback” for sending you to them?? It’s true! For every 10 items that is purchased and mentioning that I sent you all… I get to pick another fabulous piece of clothing! So not only would the girls appreciate your business, but so would I!

The Lindsay is only $48 and comes in the true to size fit! What are you waiting for! Happy shopping!!




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