Why I Choose To Live Intentionally


Can I be candid for just a moment?! I stink at routines and schedules! For some reason I just can’t seem to stick to a routine to save my life! I tried the home preschool thing, couldn’t stick to that, created a chore chart and I can’t follow that either. I mean that’s probably the one thing I am most consistent with. But I do whatever I feel like that day verses what the schedule (that I made) tells me I should be doing. The workout program I purchased…actually spent money on…I can’t stick to that either! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!

I’ve been thinking about routines the last few days and although I realize that I totally suck at them, it’s something I NEED to be intentional about! But that got me thinking. Intentional. Now there’s a word that we often tend to stay away from. We don’t intentionally mean to hurt someone. We don’t intentionally mean to be late. We don’t intentionally mean to forget to take something out for dinner. A lot of times, intentionally, is a negative verb that we try not to use.

But what if we use the word intentionally to improve our lives! And do things with a purpose! Aaahhhh this word is fabulous and so powerful! It means that we will put others needs before our own. It means that we will love when it’s hard to love. It means that we love ourselves enough to see something through! I want to be intentional in everything I do!


Growing close to God has to be intentional. Why? Because the devil tells us we don’t have to, we don’t need to, and actually tries to distract us from doing so. Let’s be real, until we’ve developed the discipline to read our bible every day and learn how to have a relationship with God, it’s not an easy thing to physically do. The words aren’t easy to read and you have to work at interpreting what it means. So we have to be intentional about doing it. We have to intentionally pray for our hearts to be opened so that we can understand what God is telling us. But it’s the only way to truly grow closer to Him!

We have to intentionally choose to love our spouse. Those bills, work schedules and annoying habits chip away at our WANT to love someone. Starting out in a relationship loving one another is easy. It comes naturally. Then every day life happens and we are resentful, irritated, and truth be told… selfish. It happens that’s life! So we have to intentionally say I choose to love my husband no matter how he spends money. We have to intentionally say I will make dinner at home to reach our financial goal. If we don’t do these things on purpose, we get comfortable in a life of selfishness because really, nobody wants to make dinner every night. And nobody wants to be out spent. If he spends $50 then I get to spend $50. That’s not how we are destined to live. We have to find common ground and work out our differences in order to continue WANTING to love each other.

We have to be intentional when it comes to our weaknesss. Whether that’s food, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, or whatever other “poison” that weakness may be. We need to be intentional about not putting ourselves in a situation where that habit would be tempting to us. For me that’s food. Sweets to be exact. I am trying so hard to stay away from sweets and treats that will hinder the progress that I’ve made. We all have set backs occasionally but we can’t let those setbacks define us. God defines us and He says through Him we are strong enough to overcome those weaknesses. But we have to be intentional about trusting God and not being consumed by things that we want, more than Him!

homemaker prayer

Intentional is living with a purpose. My purpose as a homemaker to to meet the needs of my family before my own. It is my job. And as with any job we are to do it to the best of our ability to glorify God. By keeping my house clean I am glorifying God in my service to my family. By cooking and taking care of the nutritional  needs of my family, I am serving them and in turn serving God. By exercising and taking care of my body I am glorifying God! We were not meant to muttle through our days with no purpose! We were made for more than that!

So I challenge you friends, to be intentional about your lives. Is what you are living, pleasing to God? Are you serving your family with purpose? If not, I ask that you take a deeper and closer look at your priorities and your own heart.




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