The Best Shower Floor Cleaner

Should I be completely embarrassed by the filth on my shower floor? Yeah, probably! But it comes with very good reason… my husband will tell you different so don’t ask him. HAHA!

See the thing is, I wear flip flops year round here in sunny Arizona. Unless I’m in dressing up and wearing boots or working out in tennis shoes, flip flops are the only thing you’ll catch me in. Therefore the bottom of my feet get pretty rough looking. That sweet hubby of mine even bought me one of those Pedi Perfect things for Christmas! Works like a dream! But the black on the bottom of my feet is what causes my shower floor to look the way it does.

I won’t even begin to take credit for this idea but somewhere on Pinterest I came across a pin that said to use oven cleaner on your shower floor to make it shine like new. And that was no lie! Oven Cleaner?!?!? Yep you read that right! I don’t know what secret ingredient is in that stuff but it works like magic! No amount of bleach, baking soda and vinegar or peroxide would touch that ground in/stained mess. But I am here to show you the personal results I had with my shower just yesterday!

img_2149Look at that nastiness! I know I’m not the only one with this problem in their shower so that makes me feel a little better about it! LOL! Note to self… clean shower with oven cleaner at first signs of discoloration!

Literally all I did was spray this oven cleaner on the dry shower floor and wait 45 minutes.


Then I used a hard bristle brush and 2 minutes of elbow grease! Even after a couple of strokes you can see the stains lifting! The shower floor is made of some kind of hard plastic with a slip resistant pattern, which makes it even harder to clean.


Two minutes later and just look at the squeaky clean, near new looking shower floor! No more yucky build up!


I hope that solves one of your household cleaning problems! I know it did for me! Happy cleaning!




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