There has to be more to life than chocolate 

Somebody please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like they are occasionally on the show Punk'd?! Thinking that the things cannot really be happening. Yeah that'd be my entire last week. At 30 years old I feel like the things that have happened this past week should not be happening yet or … Continue reading There has to be more to life than chocolate 


“Made To Crave” 

Now that I've shared my deepest struggle with all of you, I want to show you my dedication. To get myself started I knew I have to be in the right mindset. I've been trying to lose weight and get healthy all on my own. All the while God is waiting for me to ask … Continue reading “Made To Crave” 

A Healthier Me

I am about to embark on a tortuous weight loss journey. Last week my parents came to town for a week long visit. We were in the backyard playing with the girls and my sister decided to take a picture of her baby girl on the swing, which I was pushing. She warned me that … Continue reading A Healthier Me