Best Banana Bread Recipe

I've been making this banana bread recipe for the last 12 years! And I've never strayed in finding another because this one is just too good! I remember back in high school, my husband's family had desserts galore at their house! His mom was a stay at home mom so there was an endless supply … Continue reading Best Banana Bread Recipe


Mouth Watering Sugar Cookies

Do you ever go to someone's house and eat something you can't get enough of? And it's there every birthday party or celebration?! That'd be Nana Jackie's to die for sugar cookies!! Soft sugar cookie in the shape of dinosaurs, fish, dogs, or ghosts, and topped with yummy colorful sprinkles! Guaranteed not to eat anything … Continue reading Mouth Watering Sugar Cookies

Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops

Sharing my favorite recipes with you is going to be the most fun here on The Help Meet Homemaker! I've said it a couple of times now (in a round about way) that there is just something about food that speaks to my soul! I love feeding my family home cooked nutritious meals and I … Continue reading Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops


Easy Potato Salad 

Have you ever been totally smitten when someone compliments your food and really means it?! Very few of us look for that attaboy or pat on the back, yet it's the very thing that drives us as human beings! Deep down behind all our humble deeds, is that little itch that needs to be scratched! … Continue reading Easy Potato Salad 


Heavenly Chocolate Surprise

As I've mentioned before, I'm a foodie! And desserts are the name of my game! You give me anything with chocolate and I will devour it. Unless there is coconut in it and then you can just keep that all to yourself! Yuck 😝! So for todays What's Cookin Wednesday, I'm going to send you … Continue reading Heavenly Chocolate Surprise


Not Your Grandmas Meatloaf! 

Not my grandma though! My grandmas meatloaf was always a favorite for us kids growing up. She made ours special. The grown up meatloaf had peppers and onions. 😝 She made us kids our own without that junk! Lol! Thanks grandma!! But somewhere, my mother in law came across this meatloaf recipe with a twist. … Continue reading Not Your Grandmas Meatloaf! 


$5 meal deal! Pizza Burgers are sure to please!

You have $11 in your bank account until payday and need a quick dinner idea. So you look around your kitchen and pantry only to find a smorgasbord of food and nothing to make a meal. Well I've got ya covered! Do you have shredded cheese? Do you have some hamburger buns that are about … Continue reading $5 meal deal! Pizza Burgers are sure to please!